One of the things I like to do when traveling is read signs, not only are they informative being a foreigner trying to abide by local laws and customs, but they sometimes provide a bit of humor in the translation. Such is the case for this sign spotted near the lift to our apt.


I get the part about not letting the dogs have free range of the apartment property, but what is curious is that dogs pollute.

When I think of pollution the first images that come to mind…..tall smoke stacks , bellowing out dark grey smoke, the crying  tear faced 1970′s Indian standing by a river of trash, or an owl with a give a hoot don’t pollute slogan. I rarely think of dog poop as pollution. But hey they both start with the letter P.

Further to my earlier comments re the Italians love an excuse for a good sign, I saw this one when walking along a park area. I get the concept that matches can start big forest fires and we all need to be careful. With this sign it appears that a single little match (or rather a GIANT match) could set of another Hiroshima like explosion!




Not far from the match sign, I saw this sign, which looks simple and pretty clear in of itself. Right? No trucks, No campers, No busses etc.








What really made me scratch my head is the placement of the sign. It is not at the entrance to the autostrada, or a freeway, or even a small village side street. Nope it is planted right in front of a kiddie ride in a park setting! ? See next photo.









Leaving the spa today I spotted this sign. Loosely translated it says. Attention, this is a squirrel crossing area! Ok I know squirrels are many things, we don’t refer to someone as squirley for no good reason.  I must admit  I have never seen them walk or run a straight line line nor have I ever seem them abide by a cross walk sign. IMHO it is just another Italian excuse for a sign.









Milan is known as the center of fashion. Baby G must have fashion design in her blood, apparently. Getting ready for lunch today I noted her barbie sporting a new look in the latest paper towel fashion. Note that this dress is not just a paper towel with the arms poked through, but rather an off the shoulder wrap, which takes into consideration the design of the paper as a bottom boarder for the dress.









Here is a photo of Baby G with her sunglasses, trend setters, take note once again that all the rage in Italy is to wear your glasses upside down.