sicily catania Mt Etna view from roof B&B

View from patio of Bed & Breakfast in Catania Italy 

I traveled back to Catania this week to catch up with some old friends and to meet up with my newly made friends the Soffers, who also decided to visit Sicily around the same time.

I made my way from the airport to San Placido Inn Bed & Breakfast. I was once again warmly greeted by Orazio and Valentina the owners. Being a Saturday evening, one of the first topics of converstaion was the Sunday morning flea market, otherwise known as the Mercado de Pulcie.

Orazio has been decorating his B&B with flea market finds for years, and perhaps it was one of the first things that made me feel right at home here, a couple of years ago when I first stayed with them. Their warm hospitality and kindness has always made me feel welcomed and like I am coming home, when I stay here.

This time Orazio asked me if I would like to join him on Sunday morning. I know from what I see in the B&B that he has a good eye, and probably could supplement his ‘day job’ as a ‘picker’! So I am excited to tag along and see what I can learn about Italian flea markets from a well seasoned local!

I have my breakfast and meet Horacio and Valentina’s two children for the first time. Angelica and Simione. They too are ready to join us on this Sunday morning adventure.

Firstly it notice that the location of the flea has changed since I was last here, and it seems to be better laid out in this new area which was close by the B&B.
flea long shot with tent corner

I am really once again not looking for anything in particular, as is my usual mode when scouring flea markets, but I do stick to my, has to be small and light enough to fit in a carry-on or my suitcase.

I spot this funny little vintage toy. The front of the car reads, Animals Police. Which is a good thing, cause I am not sure how I would react if I was pulled over and the officer turned out to be dressed as a clown!

clown car








Of course just like with most flea markets there is the usual, general household ‘stuff’

stuffed animals flea





But take a look at these vintage Sci-fi magazines, the covers would make for some cool art projects!

flea magazines pulp







We had a great day out, and I did manage to find a few small, light items to bring back to Austin. One being a somewhat creepy vintage wind up toy. It is so bad it is good, sort of thing. And of course there is always the, scare your Chihuahua factor. My dog, does not know what to make of this that is for sure as it kind of limps and churns across the carpet.

wind up















On the way back to the car, we stop in a small shop for a traditional Sicilain breakfast treat.

bb ball

They are called Panzerotti. Pastry stuffed with chocolate. Did I mention that they were STUFFED with chocolate? see the close up photo below.


bb ball two closeTalk about a chocolate overload! Oh My it was soooo delicious.

As we make our way back to the car, I could not help but wonder if I had witnessed the next generation of flea market shoppers in Angelica. Here is she with her dad, and the treasures they had found that day at the ‘mercato de pulcie’ Flea Market.

two flea the end















The end.