The Secret Tuscany Taste Tour.

The Epitome of Italian Food & Drink, Especially Selected for You.

Thanks to judicious research, we’ve somehow managed to narrow down our very favourite places

for food and drink in and around Siena to a very special tasting tour.

And we can tell you, it hasn’t been easy because there’s simply so much to choose from.

But we know the places, and, just as importantly, we know the people, so we’ve done all the research for you.

If you really want to find the finest fare of the region, contact us now to discover more.

The scenery around Siena is simply breathtaking but that’s just the beginning.

You’ve come here to taste the food and wine this world-famous region has to offer and learn from the experts:

the coffee roasters, the bakers, farmers market vendors, salumi and wine producers.

We take you to the places that represent the very underbelly of Tuscan food, coffee, breads, olive oil and wine.

Where the locals go and where the mainstream tour guides tend not

that’s why we call it the ‘secret’ tour.

This tour is as inspirational as it is educational and it won’t just fill your stomachs.

You’re guaranteed a lifetime of wonderful memories and tales to tell. So, without further ado…


Let’s get going!

We pick you up directly from wherever you’re staying around Florence or Siena and get going promptly because there’s such a lot to pack in to the day.

Most of the places we’ll visit have local products for sale so you can take a little piece of Tuscany away to savour later.

Rated as “the best coffee in the entire city of Siena”

Time to wake up and smell the coffee. But not just anycoffee. This coffee shop is widely regarded by locals as the finest in the city. And the secret of this café—the first on your secret Tuscan tour—is in the blend. No other coffee purveyor has it except that the café only supplies its exclusive blends to a few shops in Siena.

Il panificio splendido… An incredible Italian bakery

You might have tried panettone, the delectably light Italian cake, bursting with juicy fruit. But do you know your cantuccini from your cantuccioni? Have you tried cavalluci (‘horse’ hoves shaped cookies) still warm from the oven? Our next stop is a Sienese bakery, steeped in generations of tradition, and again, it is widely regarded as the finest the city has to offer.

There is sampling aplenty of sweets and savory items. There are speciality breads and cakes and every mouthful is an experience and a taste of the past, but almost impossibly fresh and right here.

There’s just one thing…

It’s so easy to fill up.

But please don’t!

We’ve got another treat in store for lunch

The Siena Farmers’ Market—an experience to behold

If you join us on a Tuesday, we’ll take a meander round the most glorious farmers’ markets in the area. The brilliant colors, sights, sounds, smells and the tastes of the freshest of produce. We have the opportunity to shop and taste and mingle among the locals.

But if you want to experience this, it’s vital you book without delay. This is by far the most popular day of the week for Italy Unfiltered tours and we do get full for the entire season very quickly. We operate the rest of the Secret Tuscan Taste Tour on other days, but if you want us to take you to this archetypal Italian farmers market, please contact us now to avoid disappointment.

You say salami, we say salumi. Let’s call the whole thing lunch.

We board our transport again for a 15-minute drive,  just traversing the city wall to our next stop: a spectacular of salami, a championship of cheeses, prosciutto and other speciality cured cold cuts, all accompanied with bread equalled only by that which you sampled earlier, and all perfectly paired with the locally made house wine. And this, signorsand signoras, is precisely why we encouraged you to leave some space for lunch.

For those in the know, we’re at the destination delicatessen and worth the little trip out of the city centre.

Here, you’ll taste, no you’llexperience, varieties of salami like no other and unobtainable anywhere else.

Some of the recipes date back over 300 years without the slightest change.

The meat from whence these salamis come is from strictly controlled organically reared stock.

Waft your hand over some of the lighter cheeses and you’ll notice a distinct overtone of cut grass — the very grass on which the animals were fed.

Finally, a winery with tour and tasting.

Our day concludes with a visit to a working winery (or fattoria) producing the world-famous Chianti Classico, Chianti Colli Senesi and Chianti D.O.C.G. – I.G.T.—but all totally organic.


You’ll be expertly guided by the owners and staff themselves—the people who actually work at the winery themselves—starting with the vineyards, through the production facility and then on to the cellars where you’ll be able taste the finished products.


Your tasting host will explain the difference between the different bottles, you’ll discover how to taste, examine and serve the wine correctly and which foods should pair most suitably. You’ll also discover why certain wineries are so keen to provide an organic wine and exactly what that means.


To accompany the wine tasting session, you’ll be offered bread and snacks and some of the exquisite organic virgin and extra-virgin olive oil also pressed on the premises.