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Italy Unfiltered offers a variety of services.

Please feel free to contact Deb if there is something special you need or desire.


Wine & Food Tour Options

Wine Tour with Deb and Massi

Take a guided tour Deb & Massi, and see Italy through the eyes of the locals. Meet and greet their friends in the small towns and cities, and get to know Italy without feeling like a tourist. Travel Events listed below are good ways to introduce yourself to Italy. Most trips can be planned around a cultural events. Peruse the travel events to see which ones appeal to your senses! Suggestion: Plan around one big event (like the Palio si Siena) and then plan more casual items to fit in on surrounding days.

One-on-One Skype session with Deb

Plan your trip to Italy with a one-on-one Skype session with Deb. Having traveled to Italy numerous times over the past years, and now living in Siena, she can point you in all the right directions. Have some questions? Would you like some help in making decisions about your trip?  Contact Deb for more information and to set up a session today!

Travel Events

There is so much to see and do in Italy. Many of the events that we offer with guided services are some of the best and most famous events in Italy.

Palio di Siena

This amazing horse race, takes place two times a year. July 2nd and August 16th. Pre-event activities are not to be missed! Please plan to arrive in Siena, 4-5 days prior to the race day. For July 2, 2019 Palio arrive in Siena on June 28th, and for the August 16, 2019, Palio arrive in Siena on August 12th.

Palio di Siena

R & R in an 18th Century Italian Villa

When you want to un-plug from the world of cell phones, texting and emails! What a better way to do so then to rent an Italian villa? Relax, cook in the commercial kitchen, or have our own Italian cooks, prepare meals for you and your guests. Lounge by the pool, take a walk in the flower gardens, have afternoon tea on the patio, and appertivo by the fountains.

Do it all or do nothing. We will cater to your every desire.  See more about renting this villa. (Accommodates up to 20 people)

See Undiscovered Siena

Access historical travel sites not normally open to the public with Deb. As the newly appointed Texas Ambassador to Siena Siena, a cultural exchange group with the purpose to promote Siena to others around the world, she can take you to hidden gems others will not see.

Cook with Massi and Deb recipes from an Italian grandmother!

Would you like to learn how to bake Sienese style bread or make the typical Tuscan pasta and sauce by hand? Cook with us in a country kitchen for the day. Contact us for details and pricing.

Wine and Dine like a local.

Sure you can get online and read reviews, but why not enjoy a meal where you will be introduced to the restaurant chef and owners, as well as other locals who are enjoying a meal out, far away from the tourist spots. Dine where the locals dine, with locals and experience a meal with pleasure, Italian style. See more food photos.

Palio di Siena

Truffle Hunt in Piedmonte

We suggest combining truffle hunting with a wine tasting tour in Piedmonte. This tour consists of two days of wine tasting at small family run wineries, and a third day of truffle hunting (when in season).

Piedmonte Wine Tours

Another way to meet and mingle with the locals. These are not big bus tours of busy wineries. Instead, picture sitting at a table with the family wine makers themselves, hearing their story, and feeling their passion for their craft.

Climb a Volcano in Sicily

Join me as we take a private guided tour of  Mt Etna, Catania Sicily. December, January or February 2018/2019. Climb Mt. Strombolli off the Northern coast of Sicily.

Christmas in Italy

December 25- January 3 through 7. Do you like to travel off the beaten path and experience life during the downtime rather than competing with other tourists? This is a fantastic time of year to travel and really get to know the locals and their traditions.

Roman Holiday

Tour the Eternal City at the end of your trip. Allow a couple extra days to see many of the famous Roman sights, then meet up with Deb to see the not-so-familiar sights of Rome, then take a cooking class or tour the large flea market with Deb.

Start planning your tour!


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