One of the things we hear from many of our guests while on vacation here in Tuscany is how much they miss their pups back home. We truly understand how our pets are part of our families and being away from them is often a topic of conversation. 
We are dog people ourselves, in fact I brought my Chihuahua with me when I moved from Austin TX to Siena Italy.
Her name is Venus and she has been part of my life for the past 10 years. 
Because we focus our wine and food tours on small producers, we bring our guests to family farms and wineries on family estates where the wine makers often have dogs. Our tours are not specifically chosen this way, we just noticed it is part of Tuscan life as much as it is life in the USA. One thing we know immediately we have in common is our love for dogs.  
We decided that four times a year we will make a donation to an Italian animal shelter that does good work in supporting less fortunate animals in need.
There are so many ways people can connect with other people from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds, we already know that great food and amazing wine are two key elements, the third is our love of our 4 legged friends, our dogs, big and small. 
We invite our guests to send us pictures of their pets so we can include them on our web site. 


Deb & Massi & Venus