Highly recommended! – by Blue Globe Getaways, February 2019


I have been on many wine tours and it always seems the tour companies take you to the places that everyone goes to. Deb & Massi had a different and refreshing approach. I felt like I was invited to these winemaker’s homes and got to interact them directly learning about their philosophy and passion for winemaking. Their choices of wineries and knowledge of the history of the area made our time with them both informative and enjoyable. I would highly recommend them to anyone traveling to Siena and Tuscany!

Everyone was Amazed! - by , September 1, 2013
5/ 5
As we reflect on nearly a year’s time having passed, we would like to thank you for such a memorable experience! I, with my family, so enjoyed the ins and outs of visiting Siena at the time of Palio in August, 2013 like no other time before. As you know, our daughter is named for the marvelous city! So, you can imagine the lasting memories we have from joining you during the horse selection processes and the preparations that lead up to the climactic day of the race! We had a ball visiting sites you suggested that are only open early on the day of the races. We so enjoyed the experience at the sweet upper level apartment to watch the whole event from the parade to the 90-second race. Our 11 year-old daughter was amazed as were we. We thank you for helping to make a huge dream of ours come true! Even more, we enjoyed the serendipity in meeting you, Cheers to a friendship made in Italy! Cin-Cin!
What an excursion! - by , August 14, 2014
5/ 5
It has been a whirlwind visiting places with you! Meeting you in Catania, Sicily was an amazing experience. We never imagined that we would be hiking through powdery snow on Mt Etna, then submerging into caves created by volcanic activity long ago, followed by a lovely wine tasting at Gambino winery! What an excursion!
I have to hand it to you Debi, you know where to go and what to do! Here’s to our next adventure together!
Incredible Vacation in Italy - by , January 15, 2015
5/ 5
Last summer was the second time I used Deb’s services, and had another incredible vacation in Italy. She arrange for me to experience the Palio in Siena .I arrived a few days before the actual horse race and got to experience all of the pomp leading up to the day of the Palio. .On the day of the race Deb arranged for a group of us to watch the event from a private apartment overlooking the Piazza del Campo. The only way you could ever have this view would be to watch it on television. We could look directly to the adjoining roof top and watch the cameramen from the TV stations broadcasting the event. Deb also made all the arrangements and accompanied me on a side trip to Sicily .She arranged for a hike up Mt.Etna with a certified volcanologist .We also toured a fabulous winery and a honey farm. The accommodations are always picture perfect!
Deb thank you for all your efforts, I really enjoyed meeting your friends and extended family members. The T-Bone Steak Festival was a blast.
I am starting to make plans for next August already. Ciao!
We Had a Blast! - by , April 22, 2016
5/ 5
We were in Italy for two weeks, Venice, Siena, Positano and Rome. While each location brought it's own uniqueness, our wine tasting tour with Deb and Massi was the highlight of our entire trip. We had so much fun! The wineries had excellent wine, the luncheon at Casanova was to die for! The added stop to the Baroli Castle was a blast. Deb and Massi make you feel like you've know them for years and make sure you have a great time. They are very knowledgeable of the area and the wines and provide just enough information so there's not a lot of duplicate information received at the wineries. And everything they share is right on point. The money spent on this tour was the best money I've spent on something like this in a very long time, maybe the best ever!

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